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Our Philosophy

We believe that the classroom is not limited to walls and desks. Education happens wherever an individual is engaged, inspired, and enjoying the experience of discovery. We believe children are most successful in learning when all three of these pillars are provided in an open-ended environment that encourages them to become active participants in the learning process. 

Children are naturally curious individuals, and as they move through their environments, they will start to gain knowledge throughout their journey. As teachers, parents, and caregivers, we believe that it is our job to PARTNER in their learning and provide them the space to take the initiative in their education. 

We place a heavy emphasis on cooperative learning strategies and creating an uplifting learning community in our school. Little Flock Preschool embodies the overall philosophical objectives of a curriculum that promotes diversity, environmental stewardship, nature play, and child-led learning and will allow children to explore nature, art, and the classroom, in deeper, more meaningful ways.



We are here to Partner with your child through the beginning stages of their educational journey. We create individualized benchmarks and goals for each child, while preparing them for the next steps in their schooling.


Home Feel

Not only does our community feel like family, we make our interior feel like home! Your children will enjoy a well designed, cozy and clutter-free space to learn and play.

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Through project-based learning and intentional play, children explore the classroom in deeper, more meaningful ways.  


Farm Setting

Both campuses reside on farm settings, allowing for children to engage with the natural world in a unique and immersive way.



Our school places a heavy emphasis on nature. At least half our day is spent outside in nature. We love to learn while exploring the garden, visiting our forest play space and observing wildlife around us.

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Our students develop a deep sense of community within the classrooms and in the world around them. We believe in creating community-oriented citizens.

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